Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Quick workouts that really WORK

If you don't know me... then one thing you should learn real quick is that I love running and staying fit.

But sometimes with the rapid pace of the adult world, we always can't find the time to hang out at the gym or run for any more than twenty minutes. Too short for a workout, right?

Thanks to Pinterest, that statement is WRONG! When you have a 10 hour work day, followed by the need to run errands, Christmas shop, AND maintain sanity... a 20 minute workout can be all too accessible. My personal favorites are below. Short, sweet, and sure to make you sore the next morning... in a good way of course!

Remember to mix up cardio and weightlifting/cross training throughout your week. Just like our minds, our bodies can sometimes grow comfortable in one certain exercise if we do it over and over again... and this means less calories burned, less muscle built, and therefore less results! Pick one of these workouts and try it today. I dare you! I know I will be finishing one of these tonight, so you should too!

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