Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Momma Knows Best

A simple saying as we go into the Thanksgiving Holiday...

My mom sat down with me tonight before heading to bed and cupped my hands in her lap. I felt like a toddler on the verge of crying over spilt milk in the kindergarten lunch room. I saw her through tear-stained eyes as she said this...

"Your job is just your job. But your life is your life. Make sure you know which matters more and you'll find everything else falls into place."

Isn't it crazy, how no matter how old you get- your momma always knows best.

Getting lost in the craziness of my quarter-life-crisis seems to be all too apparent lately. But one thing is for sure... it's the holiday season which means it's time to evaluate the past and prepare for your future. But most importantly, relish in all you have in the present and give thanks to the grace of God for getting you here.

I miss my best friend who is in El Salvador- she will not be present at our annual Turkey Trot tradition for the first time in 6 years. I miss her so much, my heart hurts. I just got word that other plans I had for the future are no more, and that the significance I previously held in what I thought were priorities are now merely dissolving options... My heart is heavy, but that must mean it's full.

I need to remember... a job is just a job. A bad day is just a bad day. But this life is my life. It keeps going, and we make it all the way until the end. Better make it the best it can be while we can...

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