Bucket List

  Since 2009....   

1. Dance in a Water Fountain
2. Go on a Blind Date
3. Cut my own hair
4. Crash a Wedding
5. Have someone Famous respond to a Question/Comment I make
6. Surf with Dolphins
7. Impact a stranger
8. Put on a Street Show and earn at least $20
9. Climb a Palm Tree and Scream at the top of my lungs
10. Jump out of an airplane
11. Learn Guitar
12. Get a tattoo
13. Start a dance in a Public Place
14. Publish a Book
15. Save a Life
16. Do the Hula Dance in Hawaii
17. Jump off a Waterfall
18. Be on Television
19. Spray Paint a bible verse on a Graffiti wall
20. Sing the national Anthem at a Baseball Game
21. Sell something I made purely by myself
22. Send a Message in a Bottle to Sea.
23. Attend a Talk Show (Preferably Ellen)
24. Do a Triathalon
25. Skinny Dip in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean
26. Ride a bike in another country
27. Hold a Koala Bear
28. Live at least 1 Year of my Life in Alaska
29. Take my parents on their dream vacation
30. Love Someone who truly Loves me in Return
31. Write a Hollywood screenplay
32. Make a wish on a Shooting star and see it come true
33. Camp on the beach under the stars with no tent
34. Write and share a sermon to my church
35. Make a toast at my Brother’s wedding
36. Go ballroom dancing
37. Touch a real life Pyramid from Egypt
38. Drive a motorcycle
39. Run a full Marathon
40. Have my name in a Billboard top 100 song
41. Create/Start a charity race to benefit a non-profit organization
42. See John Mayer in Concert
43. Meet someone who has hosted SNL
44. Say “Screw You” To someone who really deserves it
45. Put something of someone’s into Jello46. See Rob Thomas/Matchbox 20 in Concert
47. See The Fray in Concert
48. Have a conversation with the boy of my dreams
49. Sing Karaoke at a large public gathering.
50. Jack Johnson Concert
51. One Republic Concert
52. See Train in Concert
54.Go To a Goo Goo Dolls Concert

55. Visit Ireland
56. Learn a Choreographed Hip Hop Routine

57. Paint a Mural
58. Get Married
59. Get a FoHawk
 50. Get published in a sports publication
61. Stop Biting My Nails
 62. Read an entire book in one day

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