Monday, November 18, 2013

Taking out the mind-garbage

Today is Monday, and that means the start to another week of work. But, luckily for this girl- My work week will be cut short by the start of Thanksgiving festivities and Maryland traditions. I can NOT wait until I hit the road mid-week to see my family back in the Mason Dixon state.

The thing I love most about going home is that it bring so much happiness, relief, and peace. I get to immerse myself in time with my family members (and I mean- ALL OF THEM) and this blessing is one I still cherish every single time I see that yellow, red, and black sign on the interstate welcoming me home.

With that being said, I wish to re-enter Maryland with a clean mind and tidy thoughts. So here is my mind garbage... get it out of my head and onto a page... and leave it here:

*. Is it ok to break your "Healthy Eating" habits to eat half a cup container of peppermint bark muddy buddy's? Guilty... so guilty..

*. Pink glitter phase is in full swing. Glitter on my eyes, glitter on my toes, glitter on my fingernails. Where has this girly-girl been hiding all of my life and why is she deciding to park herself here when bows and glitter are almost unacceptable accessories at the age of 23?

*. I should take out the (literal) trash this morning. But it's just finished raining... and I don't want to carry it all the way over to the dumpster with the 2% chance I could slip and fall and break my body.

*. Why am I listening to Sugar Ray right now?

*. Carrot Cake is a vegetable.... right?

*. Jessica Day is my new super hero. Take that as you will and don't judge.

*. It's only 7am on Monday and I have already listened to 2 songs by Ke$ha... dang it.

*. Heels. A love-hate relationship I am still trying to find my healthy balance with. I love to hate them or.... do I hate that I love them...


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